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中國2010年上海世界博覽會(Expo 2010 Shanghai China),簡稱上海世博會,是第41屆世界博覽會,於2010年5月1日至10月31日在中國上海舉行。本屆世博會是中國首次舉辦的綜合性世界博覽會,也是首次由發展中國家主辦綜合性世博會。本屆世博會的主題是「城市,讓生活更美好(Better City, Better Life)」。本屆世博會共有256個國家和地區及國際組織參展,吸引世界各地7308萬人次參觀者前往,雖經歷全球經濟危機,但目前最新資料顯示,中國中央政府在上海世博會的總投資額達到450億美元,是世界博覽會史上最大規模,同時也遠超於2008年在北京舉辦的第29屆奧運會
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 2013 Alan Hui's Photo Album (My World) - 大頭仔相片集 (想 相 想)   
Australia Pavilion (澳大利ヴa馆)
Album: Spanish Pavilion (西班牙馆)
展馆是一座复古而创新的“藤篮子”建筑,外砲捙饰,通过结构支架来支M,呈现波浪起伏的流线型。W光可透过藤缝隙,洒落在展馆内部。展馆内z“起源”、 “城市”、“孩子”三大展示空V。观者宛若置身西班牙城市的街道上,感叹西班牙光辉烂的历史、人民的智慧和创新,品味s多知名的城市规划家、社Na家、m影工作者和v术家共同打造的盛宴。

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Album: Danish Pavilion (丹麥館)
展館由兩個環形軌道構成,形成室內和室外部分,從上俯瞰形似一個螺旋體,超越了傳統的展覽形式,帶來不斷穿梭于室內與室外的感受。展館就像一本打開的童話書,分“我們如何生活”、 “我們如何娛樂”、 “我們如何設想未來”三章,介紹丹麥人日常生、性格愛好以及對未來的展望。丹麥的象征、著名雕塑——“小美人魚”第一次走出國門,放置于丹麥館中央,讓參觀者感覺置身于安徒生的童王國。

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Album: Finland Pavilion (芬蘭館)
“分享”一方面體現了芬蘭民族對社會交流與溝通的認識;另一方面詮釋了芬蘭人的工作 態度與方式,即努力尋求合作中問題的解決辦法以及以開放真誠的態度與合作方互動。 “靈感”則揭示了芬蘭民族不論資源條件如何,仍能不斷地進取和創新,並且在某些領域 成為全球行業領袖的原因。

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Album: Australia Pavilion (澳大利滌禤a館)
Australia has a significant national presence at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, which is expected to attract 70 to 80 million visitors and is the largest expo the world has ever seen. From 1 May to 31 October 2010, Australia's visually striking national pavilion will showcase Australian innovation, creativity and achievement to some 7 million visitors mostly from mainland China - an average of 38,000 people on each of the 184 days of the expo. Dynamic and engaging exhibits, an energetic team of bilingual staff, a rich cultural program and unique retail, food and beverage options will introduce visitors to the sights, sounds and tastes of Australia. Targeted business promotion events in the pavilion's dedicated VIP area highlight Australian capability in key industry sectors, help to boost trade and two-way investment, and expand institutional and people-to-people links. As a whole, the pavilion and its programs respond to the expo's 'Better City, Better Life' theme by focusing on Australia's cities - many consistently ranked as among the world's most liveable - and our smart solutions for urban living. The Australian pavilion is located at the heart of the 5.28 square kilometre expo site, on the banks of the Huangpu River in downtown Shanghai. Australia is one of more than 190 nations taking part in the expo.

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Album: UK Pavilion (英國館)
中國 2010年上海世博會將成為同類博覽會中最壯觀的一次盛會,將成為面向21世紀 的一次盛會。為此,英國專門設計和建造了世博會英國館,為上海世博會增光添彩。

1851年首屆倫敦世博會的典型場館水晶宮(水晶宮)迄今依然堪稱經典 之作。同樣,上海世博會英國館將以震撼的視覺效果,詮釋英國創意和創新的超凡魅力。

Shanghai World Expo will be the most spectacular and important event of its type. It is an Expo for the 21st Century and the UK have designed and built a Pavilion that reflects the splendour of the Expo2010.

Our Pavilion is a striking, visual demonstration of the UK as a creative and innovative nation; exactly as Crystal Palace was in the very first Expo in London in 1851.

Developed by one of the UK’s leading creative talents, Thomas Heatherwick, the centrepiece of the UK pavilion is a six storey high object formed from some 60,000 slender transparent rods, which extend from the structure and quiver in the breeze. During the day, each of the 7.5m long rods act like fibre-optic filaments, drawing on daylight to illuminate the interior, thereby creating a contemplative awe-inspiring space. At night, light sources at the interior end of each rod allow the whole structure to glow. The pavilion sits on a landscape looking like paper that once wrapped the building and that now lies unfolded on the site.

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Album: China Pavilion (中國國家館)

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 2013 Alan Hui's Photo Album (My World) - 大頭仔相片集 (想 相 想)   
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