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Puerto Ayoura of Isla Santa Cruz is the largest town in Galapagos and the centre of tourism. A road to the north leeds to the main airport on Baltra and all boat tours start in this town. In Academic Bay is the Charles Darwin Research Station.

早上船駛抵最繁盛的 Isla Santa Cruz, 參觀 Darwin Research Station, 見到聞名的大龜 Lonely George, 導遊說牠不再 lonely, 快要當爸爸了. Station 裡有各種蜥蜴,  還有多種小小鳥.

後來行往市集, 經過一小碼頭, 見有塘鵝插水捉魚, 又再狂影. 然後閒逛了一會, 在超市買了點零食.

參加五天的團友離開, 另有新團友加入.豐富的午餐後, 上岸往高地遊覽.

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