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Tuesday 06th November 2007 11:44:29 PM

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
November Horoscope by Susan Miller

You've been on the go, in charge, and calling the shots ever since Mars entered Cancer at the end of September. There's nothing like Mars to put you in a leadership position. Now that Mars will retrograde, it's time to slow down, survey what you've accomplished, and make course corrections, especially in your career. If you need a new job, Mars will be retrograde from November 15 to January 30, giving you plenty of time to perfect your strategy. Plan to give your dearest ambitions a huge push from February through early May.

Romance could easily consume you in the days and weeks that follow the new moon November 9. Slip into something that makes you feel sexy and desirable and head out the door, for believe it, you will be all THAT and a lot more! If single, November will mark the best time of the year to meet an intriguing new person. You may wail, "I never meet anyone special," but if you feel that way, vow to give love another chance. With Uranus plotting a fistful of surprises, you could be humming a different tune soon! (For a case in point, among many days too numerous to mention, watch November 21.) In all, the coming holidays could turn out to be warm, cozy, and romantically sentimental - just your cup of tea!

With Mars in Cancer, ruling home, you'll want to invite the clan over for Thanksgiving dinner. Start early by gathering together favorite recipes and drawing up a shopping list. You can have a stress-free holiday if you're organized. Venus will tour your house of home from November 8 until December 5, so it's a sure bet you'll delight family and friends with your awesome entertaining skills. Take full advantage of Venus' charms by adding a beautiful new mirror, a new rug, or one new piece of furniture to one room. You seem to feel you need an update - Venus will ensure you like the choices you make.

After so much activity, protect your health by relaxing your schedule and by allowing yourself more rest near the full moon, November 24.

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