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Thursday 03rd January 2008 11:38:15 PM

Susan Miller Summary

With Jupiter, planet of happiness, expansion, and outright good luck, now touring your marriage sector along with a plethora of other heavenly bodies, you may be busy now making plans to wed. If it turns out that you are about to wed in January, you will have chosen one of the best months of all of 2008 to walk down the aisle - do so any time after the beautiful new moon on January 8. That new moon will also signal Uranus, so you'll probably be quite surprised about how events unfold. You will, over what happens nevertheless!

Moreover - more good news - on January 24, Venus will float into your relationship sector for a month, bringing reasons for joy, love, and kisses, and more, from a partner. It should be a remarkably happy time if you've been dating.

If you haven't, you can count on meeting up with more substantial types. Your new partner may be a doctor, entrepreneur, professor, or other educated, distinguished, or prominent person, as Jupiter will see to that.

Already wed? Then you will benefit from the good fortune of your spouse this month. Your partner appears to have done very well recently (or soon will) and as a result, you'll have a chance to do lots of new things together, such as travel (possibly overseas) or upgrade your living situation.

If neither case seems plausible (you're not married, nor do you feel you will be soon) then you can use this magical, beneficial energy to open serious talks about a proposed business alliance with someone you know possesses the credentials you need. If you do, you are likely to get better than expected results. Alternatively, you may decide to hire an expert to help you get your business to the next level, or your health, or some other part of your life.

If you are an agent, you are in luck, for one or more of the people you represent will blossom beautifully, bringing you the potential for profits for years to come. Business partnerships, alliances, and joint ventures of all kinds will be blessed in 2008, and you seem to be setting up those relationships now. Do so well in advance of the turn of Mercury retrograde on January 28 or wait until March.

Finances will need your attention at the full moon January 22, and alas, the holiday gifts you so generously bought will now show up on your credit card statement. This may seem like a dreary moment, but due to a well placed Sun and Uranus early on (near January 6), you may be lucky enough to have earned a surprise windfall - and find you can cover much of what you owe. More money seems destined to come to you in February, so keep calm. The best is yet to come!


Practical Astrology

One motto of the month for you, Cancer, might be know thyself. Mars will be retrograding through your solar 12th house and some people find this transit a bit difficult (I kinda do). But the general intent of the transit is actually benign; it's intended to stir up stuff in your psyche so that you can understand where you're coming from psychologically before you charge off again when Mars turns direct and zips through your own sign later this year. Mars actually goes direct at the end of January, but he doesn't re-enter Cancer until March, so you're actually going to have plenty of time to assess your thoughts on various matters of psychological import to you.

Meawhile, Venus wraps up its transit of your love-oriented solar 5th house at the end of December and moves into your work-oriented solar 6th house. I have no idea whether or not you are thoroughly sick of work energy these days, Cancer, but take heart in knowing that this is usually considered to be a mild and pleasant transit. Still if you want to spend time away from work and with the family, you'll probably need to hitch a ride on the Jupiter train.

Jupiter, as you've probably already heard, is beginning a year-long transit of your solar 7th house of marriage. Some astrologers will want you to believe that this transit means that everything will be coming up roses in your marriage for the next year, but this isn't necessarily what the transit indicates. Sometimes what it indicates is that problems surface so that they can be healed.

Since you've got a helpful Mars/Jupiter opposition coming up in March, perhaps the retrograde action in the 12th house is taking place so that you can mull over what might need to be addressed in your marriage until you can spring your complaints on your unsuspecting partner in March! Or something like that. At any rate, you may want to spend some time this month with your partner, just paying attention to how the two of you interact.


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