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2P4A9437.1600 雞遊老美西......南   2017 
On the island is now the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks which was built in 1632 Perast & Bay of Kotor
  The Bay of Kotor is one of the most beautiful natural landforms found on the Adriatic coast. The spectacular, steep-sided inlet is often referred as the 'Mediterranean fjord'.   What makes this 'fjord' stand out is perhaps the two churches built on the two islets in the middle of the bay, near the old town of Perast.  
2A2A4538 台南
2A2A4356 泰國
IMG_9931 東瀛∼花之季節 2017 April
1623 挪威-奧斯陸
DSC_0655 丹麥-哥本哈根
DSC_9475 蝴蝶園
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