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DSC00628a-crop Wedding Photos @ Greece
We got there early in the morning, so virtually no one else was there (except one or two merchants), it was quite amazing the props were still there given that no one really maintained them any more. Episode V - The Desert Strikes Back!
  To make up for the loss in the first day Pawel arranged a local expert to take us to the Camel Mountain and Mos Espa (Star Wars film location) at 6am; followed by a tour in the Palmeraie in Nefta. After that we continued our 2nd day itinerary to cross east through the saltless and waterless salt lake to arrive in Douz where we could have some thrilling action in the middle of the desert at 40C.   The afternoon was spent driving to Ksar Ghilane (100km deep in Sahara) where we were supposed  (but too late) to enjoy swimming in a natural lake and a night under the tent (together with the crying, howling and fighting sounds of unknown animals nearby)...Of course free heating  was always supplied....
IMG_2911 Vietnam Airlines
Sydney -  Ho Chi Minh 
There is even a small pool for swimming... too bad we didn't have time to enjoy it given how hot it was then. Episode IV - Really need a New Hope!
  The first day of our 3d 2n desert safari tour. We departed from Sousse in the north, went southwest through the holy city of Kaiouran, passed the mountain oases of Chebika and Tamerza, and finally crossed the salt lake to Nefta.    Unfortunately things started to go badly with the 2 hour delay of the other tour group, the unusual desert heat (40C), the disappointment of the waterfall and finally got lost in the middle of nowhere... we survived at the end but we missed out three key sights, one was where Star Wars was filmed and was one of the main reasons I took this trip...
藍洞 意大利 - 卡布里 Capri
龐貝古城 意大利 - 拿波里 Napoli
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