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3-30-05 (5:38pm)The chic of it... Boho319

When looking around, gals on the street in HK seems to wear T-shirt + jeans + Converse ball shoes. Well, minorities who do dress up like punk, grunge style about 5 yrs ago. About 2 yrs ago- it used to be all about abercrombie but now... definitely should be boho-wave. Low slung belts, tunics, flowly clothes. I'm definitely feeling the vibe!


The genesis of boho chic is tied to the vintage phenomenon, which has had one of the greatest impacts on fashion. Vintage relaxed the rules of fashion in a huge way. Folksy or delicate fabric with a dash of vintage leather or denim is the perfect mix for the season's bohemian look.


Anna Sui, Marni and Matthew Williamson have all presented us with vintage inspiration with a modern twist. Work the layering effect with contrasting materials and shapes - chunky knits over light gypsy layers, a simple silk dress funked up with big, bold beads and a battered leather belt is flirty and exotic.


It was cool to wear a $5 lace slip with a pair of designer pants. Vintage made fashion accessible. For once you didn't need huge amounts of money to look good and original. Hippie chic, you could argue, has emerged because designers have clamoured to re-create this hugely popular organic, do-it-yourself look.


Not an Ugg or a fur gilet in sight, this spring/summer is all about the jet-setting gypsy look. Relaxed, tousled hair and minimal make-up, fits in perfectly with the carefree style of the boho brigade.


To finish off the look, accessorise well and it can take an entire outfit from day straight to the evening. Wide studded belts, long boots - cowboy or plain leather - wooden heels, ethnic jewellery picked up from flea markets or beaches on holiday and vintage-style bags all complete the look.


The fun doesn't stop here. TopShop's bejewelled cummerbunds are incredible and one of the most effective ways to 'boho' up an outfit; have a Blue Peter moment and make Miu Miu's sea-shell-and-elastic-band-necklace at home; snap up Prada's romantic beaded removable silk collar; and wrap up warm in Caroline Charles's Mongolian wool scarf with pom poms. Now all you have to do is pretend you bought them all on your world travelsˇKoops sorry. My constellation is Leo.



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