Pamela Wong :: Parrot Fish 我的小魚
Pam's cute little fish - check it out!
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Album: Arriving Home
First day arriving home - tank was setup a week prior to the arrival of the new tenants.

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Album: Parrot CloseUp

Look, they are so cute!!! Big eyes, always smiling, big fins and petite bodies.

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Album: Fish Fighting

It's so amazing to see them behaving in such natural ways! Don't worry, no one gets hurt. Just a game.

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Album: DinnerTime

Causal and daily shots of activites like feedling and playing with them. They are the most "responsive" and "expressive" fish I've ever had over the past 10 years of fish keeping expereience.

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Album: New Toy

New toys are introduced from time to time. This little Mr.Green has made this "log" his new home and only allow certain guests to visit!! Most of the time, he likes to stay home and relax...

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