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Friday 14th December 2007 05:39:12 PM
Back to Square ONe[ 0 messages] 
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Peanut spent the whole afternoon here in my place today. He is getting better and better in "throw and catch" games now, I am very proud of him! However, in terms of toilet training, for some reasons, he seems to have forgotten everything... I am feeling quite frustrated that he is now back to Square One! :(

Thursday 06th December 2007 10:27:37 PM
去街街[ 0 messages] 
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這是我第一次用中文寫blog, 真多得手寫板的發明。

今天傍晚時份我帶了花生去散步,這是牠第三次"出街" (唔計淨係去看醫生打針及剪毛)。嘩!牠叻咗好多,仲可以跑好快及好耐!

第一次去街街,亦是花生型像大革變的那天,LE○ 和我帶花生於正午時份,烈日當空下玩了一個小時。目的是消耗花生大少的精力希望牠可以乖乖地剪毛!果然有效 - 花生累了,我們都"謝"了!

第二次亦是LE○陪伴我倆,很悠閒的一個周未黄昏時份,看日落,涼海風,真寫意!花生和我於"有線電视"對開的"大右屎地"(instead of 大草地),跑了好幾個圈,佢跑嘅時候真係好"英"嫁!不過始終都係細膽同埋成日"扭抱" - 成日跳起望注你跟住又汪汪叫要attention. 始終都係puppy!

第三次的今天,本是我与一位護士朋友一起外出散步談天一頓的約會,順道"益吓"隻花生豬啦!今天去咗成兩個鐘,仲全速跑了十分鍾添!途人見到佢話佢"成隻跑狗甘"!!!O落剪了毛的牠又真係幾有"獵狗" feel! 哈哈!


(有婆婆整天在家,他們互相陪件,有印印幫手一切清潔善後工作,弟弟看管起居飲食,而我則負責美容及醫療。弟弟和我的作息時間剛好能互補不足 - 他加班或出街我便帶花生來玩, 而我要做gym或忙錄的晚上他又可以在家陪伴狗狗...最幸福的莫過於週末時爸媽回港又可以和狗狗玩玩笑笑! 而對 LEO 而然,最重要的便是看到我可以自己一個人在電惱前与手寫板搏命成個鍾來寫中文blog關於花生,仲要好開心地submit 出去)

Sunday 11th November 2007 07:58:42 PM
2nd Shower[ 0 messages] 
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-> New haircut by ME!

Such a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

I enjoyed the quietness - just me and my dog. So simple, so "demandless". Today is the second time Fa Sung showered, he has really improved from last time, althogh he still doesn't know how to "enjoy" it, he is more coorporative and cried much less, only a couple "cry" at the end. :)

 He was also very good that he knows how to singal me for "poo poo"!  Very smart. :) I am becoming more and more proud of him. Just like how you said about Wow - there is a rule and you just follow it and everyone can be a winner. Actually, its same with dogs - there is rule to train a dog and ways to develop a relationship with him, at the end of the day, it's a win win situation for both the dog and the owner - both find happiness from each other! :)

Sunday 28th October 2007 06:54:15 PM
Fa Sung, SIT![ 0 messages] 
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"Yeah~~~ good boy, good boy, you're so smart!" followed with a small piece of treat. Fa Sung loves it!

Fa Sung started to learn the command of "Sit" - he was so smart that he noticed that needed to be done in order to get a piece of treat, or a little praise from Pam! By the 7 or 8 drill, he already master the action to sit when asked to! Although he was still "shaky" in completing the move, you can tell he was thinking! Smart dog!

So proud of you, Fa Sung!

Saturday 13th October 2007 11:44:22 PM
No more shots, please![ 0 messages] 
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We took Fa Sung to the Vet today for a a complete body check and a couple shots per required... He had a REAL hard time facing the shots and I never heard him "cry" so loud and for so long! He wouldn't stop "crying" even when the shot is done! Poor thing...

Good that the next shot is a year away... hopefully he will be better by then.

Thursday 11th October 2007 11:57:22 PM
Good Job![ 0 messages] 
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Two big improvements - Fa Sung doesn't bark to the noise from Tin-foil now! And he can respond to the command "Jump" over my sport shoes today!!! Toilet training improving... So proud of this little creature!

Tuesday 09th October 2007 09:33:54 PM
Scary[ 0 messages] 
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We noticed that Fa Sung is very scared of the noise from cleaning the Aluminum/ Tin-foil in the kitchen. He barks, with emotions! Yes, we can tell, he was scared.

So, we try to encourage him by bringing him to the Tin-foil, let him smell it, touch it, and then in our presence, we touch the Tin-foil and make noise out of it. Wow, he can really barks!

Tonight, I had only 10 minutes with FS. After a bit of training on "jump" and "let go" after he catches his toy, I bring him into kitchen while he is still in a happy mood and try to make him face his phobia again.

He is better! Yes, he can now accepts a few sounds from the Tin-foil and only "wants" to bark when the noise is longer than 5 seconds. Oh, this is such a good sigh and I am so proud of him!

This whole dog-training thing really requires patience and attention from the dog owners... it makes me to appreicate more of what parents can scarifice for thier children. Not easy!

Saturday 06th October 2007 11:55:39 PM
Peanut[ 0 messages] 
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My name is "Fa Sung" meaning Peanut in Cantonese! Leo suggested this and everyone likes it!

Today I also went to Pam's home for the very first time - wah, it's huge and everything is so huge to me! I had so much fun exploring around and then watch Pam and Miranda played tennis and boxing in the Wii world. ;) They were funny.

At night, when I was back home, I was scared by the noise of cleaning in the kitchen - I don't like the the sharp sound from cleaning the metalic things. It makes me very nervous even when Pam holds me in her arms... :(

Fa Sung - Little P

Saturday 06th October 2007 11:30:12 AM
TGI Saturday[ 0 messages] 
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Saturday mornings is a time where everyone will be sleeping except me and Little P. ;)

To investigate why Little P barks in the morning when grandma does dishes, I intentionally ignore him for the whole morning until dish washing was finished. Just one small "wow" but I can tell he wasn't too sure about that. That was it. So, it looks like it wasn't the dishes' noise?

Little P further improved during grooming time where he could sit "more" still now and much less bitting on my fingers. The tricks from the book do work. ;)

However, he seems to have forgotted where to go party. :( For the poo - I was able to "catch" him ontime and placed him onto the toilet before it gets messy.  But for the pee that came later on... sigh... too late.

Still a long way to go.

Took some nice photos of him this morning...

Alex agreed to call it "soya milk" in Chinese... I think I will like this name. Let's see what parents think.

Saturday 06th October 2007 12:51:21 AM
Conference Calls[ 0 messages] 
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Tonight, I have conference calls with collegeus from UK again. Finally making great progress on a task that we have been doing for weeks, months... finally being about to see light.

When will I see light of Little P being fully house trained?Little P was supposed to have improved in the area of toilet training. But for some reasons he seems to have "forgotten" the rules tonight and pee outside. :( We suspected that because the maid let him out once in the afternoon and confused him??

However,  on the grooming side, he is more "accepting" to allow me to do this routine on him. He really likes to jump around and bite my fingers - which I learn from the web that it's not a behaviour to encourage. So I try to keep my fingers off his mouth; and not talk to him as a sign to discourage his behaviour.

I have been reading about dog training stuff. What really gets me thinking is - at the end of the day, what KIND of a dog you want?

According to the training materials dogs should obey to the rules and jump when you ask it to and stop when you command it. To do that you have to go thru a lot of "painful" exercise with him including ignoring him when he is not doing what you want... and that includes when he kisses you and jumps on your feet with his tiny little body and try to get your attention with his cute cute paw... Is it all worth it?

I still remember how one of my previous dog, also one of my favorite Lucky, shares our beds with us!!! And he would even try to expand his territory into the pillows as well!!! How dare him?! But I tell you... those are some of the most fond memories we as a family share - we thought he was so cute to sleep on our pillows!!! Can you believe that? ;P Humans... sometimes we really confuse our pets, don't we?

Do I want a dog that is like a living robot that can follow commands and yet play with me and have a relationship with me, of course. OR, do I want a pet that is totally spoiled by the family but we don't mind spoiling it and don't mind becoming it's own "pets"?! What if we even enjoy being directed where to go when we walk our dog?!

Something to really think about.

Thursday 04th October 2007 03:19:07 PM
Little P[ 0 messages] 
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3pm (per Mom)

Little P was in the cage for the whole morning and had ONE pee. Mom let him out jsut now and immedately he made circles and went poopoo nearby the toilet that Mom pulled out! Good stuff! He is picking up the habit slowly!

Wednesday 03rd October 2007 11:32:47 PM
Barking[ 0 messages] 
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Tonight Alex and I tried to train Little P one more thing besides toilet training - barking, I mean, stop barking.

Mom reported that Little P responded verbally towards the dish washing sound coming from kitchen - as long as the dish washing continues, he barks.  I did some research on this and found that in situation like this the dog is nervous/ stressed out under the unknown noise. The resolution is to educate it that it is a normal sound and it means no harm.

So tonight, we took turns to mimick the dish washing sound and yes, Little P responded by barking.  So we bring him to show him what it's about. I found that he is most sensitive to load sounds when the dishes hit the sink. It's obvious that he doesn't like that noise.

In the midst of this training we also found that Little P doesn't welcome Alex' mobile ring-tone neither and responded with the same attitude. So we do the same thing, let the phone ring and bring it close to him, let him investigate and comfort him.

I know that Little P won't change over night but we will have faith.

Tuesday 02nd October 2007 11:46:20 PM
Good Balance[ 0 messages] 
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At night, Little P met Leo for the first time - with passion and excitement - thru the expression of "sprinkling" all over him as he picks him up !!! Ayio!!!

Little P never did that to any of us. We kept praising how good he is on the way home from the Petshop and while we are setting up his cage in the first night. Now he is showing us what he is really capable of doing as a puppy!

Alex fixed breakfast for him this morning (soaking into water for 15 minutes); and I did dinner. Tonight we also started to toilet train him, let him understand where his dedicated toilet is. It will take time, so we are being patient.

Little P is a real joyful dog - if you let him go on the floor, he can jump like a deer or a rabbit in front of you making you laugh; he would also run crazily around the house in circles making you worry that he might hit something and hurt himself; when he gets tired, he would approach each family member  with elegant little steps like a marching horse then stood up to check on you. The most incredible thing about him is that, being so active and energetic, once you put him back into the cage - he would be perfectly happy to accept that, drink some water, in two seconds he will be playing with his towels or toys by himself as if nothing had happened (that he was out running around). Very funny dog.

We take it as a good sigh and plan to reinforce this behavior. ^_^

Tuesday 02nd October 2007 11:30:24 PM
Little P's 1st Day[ 0 messages] 
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Today is the first day Little P wakes up in my parents' place. I missed his breakfast time in the morning but checked out him a little when I delivery the home-made bread to my grandma.

He (in the cage) was in Alex' room. Because ICE from the Petshop told us that Little P doesn't like cold air so Alex turned the air-con to very low for him last night forsaking his own qualtiy of sleep. Poor guy, he is such a good owner scarifcing for the puppy!

Little P kept caughing over the night, about once an hour or so. I will call up ICE from the Petshop and seek her advice. It is a bit worrying to me because when I had Siu Mike (Little Mike) 7 years ago, he cough thru the whole first night as well, and then ended up leaving me in a week. That was the most hear-breaking experience I ever had with dogs. Much worst then being bitten at the age of 6 or 7. I really hope that Little P will be a healthy little one, growing into a companion for the whole family, with many years to create and share happy memories with.

Thursday 22nd June 2006 10:38:56 PM
Down to 23[ 2 messages] 
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Poor Blood Parrots... one just left us today - it's now down to 23.

I'm glad that First Prince and White-bee are still healthy... please... if you haven't got a chance to look at them.. please go now...


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