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17 May 2013 - Stephanie Tam at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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17052013_HKUST_On the Beach_Stephanie Tam00199
17052013_HKUST_On the Rocky Shore_Stephanie Tam00106
17052013_HKUST_Dancing in the Rain_Stephanie Tam00093
17052013_HKUST_Long Dam_Stephanie Tam00033
17052013_HKUST_Staircase_Stephanie Tam00036
Album: Part Eight - Stephanie dancing on the Beach
Album: Part Seven - Stephanie on the Rocky Shore
Album: Part Six - Stephanie dancing in the Rain
Album: Part Five - Stephanie on the Long Dam
Album: Part Four - Stephanie at the Staircase
17052013_HKUST_Pantry_Stephanie Tam00046
17052013_HKUST_Glass Window_Stephanie Tam00015
17052013_HKUST_Sitting Room_Stephanie Tam00023
Album: Part Three - Stephanie at the Pantry
Album: Part Two - Stephanie Idling on the Window-pane
Album: Part One - Stephanie at the Staff Lounge
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