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Album: 2011 Dec Turkey-go-around
Album: 2011 November Taiwan
Album: One Day in Shenzhen
Album: 2011 May Taichung/Taipei
Album: 2010 Dec Bangkok Trip
my signature super wide group photo
the 5th day morning i woke up at 6 something and saw this
Album: 2010 Oct Seoul again
Album: 2010 August Ocean Park
Album: 2010 May/June Korea/Taiwan
Album: 2010 April Japan, the Rain, the Sakura, the Fujiyama
Album: Beginning of 2010
this place is called Kawah Pudih
Album: 2009 Dec Indonesia
Album: 2009 Long time no see Seoul
Album: Some Aug 09 Snaps
Album: 2009 Hong's B-day and Jojobee's First Shooting
Album: 2009 Jun Busy, Rainy Taipei
photo exhibition of Beijing
Album: Some snaps in Apr 09
Album: 2009 C & J Wedding, a few snaps
Album: 2009 Feb Shenzhen & Mar Macau
Album: 2008 Dec Beijing
Album: 2008 Nov A Ping Chau walk
they time travelled back in time to play Daytona
back: Allan (me), Brian (Alice's son), Alice, Cursty, Clarissa (Alice's daughter), Jessica (Cursty's daughter).  front: David (Alice's husband), Mom, Natalie (Cursty's daughter)
Album: 2008 Taiwan C & J
Album: 2008 Oct Lei Yu Mun snaps
Album: 2008 Summer misc. snaps
Album: Feb - Jul 2008 Snaps
Album: 2008 CNY Singapore Family Trip
another shot of James lay
lots of ....  hot dog sausages..
another self portrait.  I quite like this.
Album: These few months - end of 2007
Album: 2007 Oct Tokyo
Album: 2007 Oct Lay and his Gallery
Album: 2007 Sept Andy B-day and Misc.
Album: 2007 Sept Taipei
such a beautiful sky, beautiful Hong Kong
Album: 2007 The "Most" Xinjiang "最"新疆
Album: 2007 Jul Snaps
Album: 2007 June Farewell Disney
Album: 2007 Jun Disney
Album: 2007 Jun Shanghai Farewell
and she is good looking too
with Hoegaarden and cigarettes
Lee Garden LV snap
eating "cheung fun" in shantin with Dunchee and Yan
Album: 2007 Jun Snaps
Album: 2007 May Snaps
Album: 2007 Mar/Apr Snaps
Album: 2007 Feb On Ping
Album: 2006 My Winter Snaps
hotel room of Le Meridien Sheshan in Shanghai
a very nice seafood restaurant
Album: 2006 Sep Shanghai
Album: 2006 All about August
Album: 2006 Jul Some B/W Shots
Album: 2006 Triple Flavored Cambodia 三色柬埔寨
Album: 2006 Jul Ocean Park
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