Thank the Lord, it can be easily found that our hobby and service are very 'close'. And it is a kind of grace that we can serve our Father God and brothers & sisters with our hobby - our flower design and music. Amen.
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Anson Wong
Anson Flower - I save all the lessons from elementary level to higher level. So, brothers/sisters who may have interest in flower can know that flower arrangement is a kind of knowledge that is not TOO difficult... yet, do it in church is a kind of worship that need more consideration, reading of Bible and praying support. Start from Lesson 31, the course goes to the Diploma of American Florist Course, which is globally recognized. I take this course with Mandy and Nicole!!! Hope that we can be a better worshiper!
Our Music: It is great to serve our Lord God with our voice and instrument. At the same time, to worship with brothers/sisters from different church and country is a 'bonus' from our God for it increases and enriches our sence of music.
Church flower: To work with Mandy in flower arrangement is a grace from God. So, we can NOT only serve His ears (by music) but also HIS eyes. We hope that the flowers we arrange in church can be appreciated by our Father God (and brothers and sisters too).
Having a job in Qatar for one month! It's a good experience to work oversea to gain more experience of cross culture activity. The only thing is I'll miss Mandy....Yet, encouraged by her goodself, it is a kind of experince that very difficult to have; moreover, I may bring blessing to the people of the place, for Qatar is a Muslim country. Certainly, I would like to introduce Jesus Christ to them.Mandy and I both agree that we've put on a very important thing as our worhsiping life this time - Not being together for more thn one month. We hope that this trip can be a fruitful one and a blessing one.
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