cam :: 200909 Sulawesi, Indonesia 印尼蘇拉威西
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蘇拉威西是印尼東面的一個島, 拍鳥的地方是在中部的 Lore Lindu National Park.  蘇拉威西有近百種當地獨有的雀鳥品種, 而 Lore Lindu National Park 就曾錄得 78 個獨有種 (E). 在蘇拉威西觀鳥, 有一位專業的鳥導 (bird guide) 同行, 會事半功倍.
Up to 2002, there has been recorded 225 species of birds in Lore Lindu National Park, including 78 species endemic and 46 endangered species to Sulawesi , approximately 80% of endemic bird species and 82% of endangerous bird species of Sulawesi including maleo, red-knobbed hornbill, anoa and tarsier.    

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