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Bundala National Park
Bundala is close to Yala and also locates with the semi-arid region. It is the important habitat for migratory birds in winter. In 1990, it was declared as a Ramsar wetland. Northeast monsoon rains mainly fall from December to February. The dry season lasts from May to October. There are lagoons, salt pans, swamps, thorny bushes, sand dunes, evergreen forests and hay land. The Park is most attractive for wading birds such as Flamingo, Spot-billed Pelican, different storks and other large birds. Terns, gulls, ducks, cormorants, egrets and many other water birds are also commonly seen.
鄰近 Yala National Park, Bundala 是國際性重要濕地和鳥類保護區, 冬天有大量遷移水鳥, 長途跋涉從西伯利亞及歐洲遠飛來過冬. 公園紀錄得近二百種雀鳥, 一半是水鳥, 當中以紅鶴 flamingo 最吸引, 可惜今次之行看不到. 參觀公園要坐公園的吉普車, 與鳥的距離很近, 看鳥不用望遠鏡。我們離開時, 在出口處有隻鳳頭鷹守候, 好像向我們 say goodbye。

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