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Birds watched in South Island and Stewart Island during my trip to New Zealand in 2010 
Yellow Eyed Penguin (Hoiho)
Giant Northern Petrel (Nelly)
Little Shag
Album: NZ Penguins
Album: NZ Albatross
Album: NZ Petrel
Album: NZ Shag
Paradise Shelduck, female
Australasian Crested Grebe (Puteketeke)
Red-billed Gull
Album: NZ Ducts
Album: NZ Grebe
Album: NZ Oystercatcher
Album: NZ Gulls
Bellbird (Korimako)
Album: NZ Kiwi
Album: NZ Robin
Album: NZ Fernbird
Album: NZ Honeyeaster
Red-crowned Parakeet
Piwakawaka, South Island Fantail
Common Starling
Album: NZ Parrot & Rail
Album: NZ Other Native Birds
Album: NZ Introduced Birds
Album: NZ Birdscape

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