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Udawalawe National Park
The Park is the third largest national park in Sri Lanka. Locating 160km southeast of Colombo and less than 3hrs drive from Colombo, it becomes one of the most popular national park in the country. The world-renowned elephant community attracts visitors and elephants can be seen at any time. The Park is a hot spot for bird watching as well. Crested Serpent Eagle, Crested Hawk-eagle, White-bellied Sea Eagle and Grey-headed Osprey are commonly seen.  
在可倫坡東南 160 公里, 不用 3 小時車程可達, 是斯里蘭卡第三大國家公園, 毗連 Udawalawe 水庫, 是水鳥和大象重要棲息地, 園內的五百頭大象, 極受遊客歡迎, 遊客坐在開蓬吉普車上遊園看動物, 像在非洲 safari, 開闊的公園亦是觀看猛畜如鳳頭鷹鵰、白腹海鵰、灰頭魚鷹 的好地方。

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