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Yala National Park
Yala National Park locates at southeast coast of Sri Lanka and within a semi-arid region, and close to Tissa. It is the largest national park including five regions and only two open to visitors. There were 140 bird species recorded which includes hornbills, kingfishers, eagles. It is also one of the best sites for shore-bird. In addition, the Park holds the best chance (probably worldwide) for leopard watching but we missed. Other commonly-seen animals include elephant, gray leaf monkey, wild buffalo, spotted deer and wild boar.
位於斯里蘭卡東南沿岸, 距離可倫坡 300公里, 是斯里蘭卡最大的國家公園, 鄰近 Bundala National Park。公園包含森林,海灘,淡水湖泊,河流和灌木叢, 更有巨大的岩石露頭, 是豹經常出現的地方, 常見的動物有大象, 灰葉猴, 水牛, 鹿, 野豬等; 至於雀鳥, 即有140餘種, 如彩鸛, 犀鳥, 翠鳥, 鵰等, 而最耀眼莫過孔雀開屏。在 2004 年 12 月 26 日的海嘯中, 公園受到嚴重損壞, 更有遊客職員遇難。

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