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Friday 23rd December 2011 12:56:14 PM
Shenyang & Jilin[ 0 messages] 

Heading to Shenyang tonight.
Will be spending the next 10 days mostly in Jilin.
A very cold Christmas and New Year.



Sunday 18th December 2011 11:55:19 PM
Encore private kitchen[ 0 messages] 

Just tooooo much for one day.

Sunday 18th December 2011 09:54:31 PM
Big Eat[ 0 messages] 

Too much even for breakfast and lunch combined.



Saturday 17th December 2011 11:53:50 PM
BBQ[ 0 messages] 

Long time no BBQ!
A good dinner and gathering right after the bird watching event.



Saturday 17th December 2011 11:52:56 PM
Long Valley[ 0 messages] 

A group of friends,
A lots of birds,
In the fields,
Close to nature.




Thursday 15th December 2011 09:51:46 PM
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows[ 0 messages] 

No disappointment as usual.



Tuesday 13th December 2011 09:50:48 PM
Family Gathering[ 0 messages] 

Celebrations of Mother's birthday and winter solstice.
Uncle and Auntie from Syndey are tonight's guests of honour.

photos (password protected)



Sunday 11th December 2011 10:49:17 PM
Udon in Duck and Mushroom Soup[ 0 messages] 

Home cooking using ingredients bought during the recent trip in Szechuen.




Saturday 10th December 2011 11:48:22 PM
Total Lunar Eclipse[ 0 messages] 

Once in a red moon......



Friday 09th December 2011 10:46:53 PM
Way back[ 0 messages] 

Dinner gathering with some really old friends and ex-colleages.  I mean really really way back.....



Wednesday 07th December 2011 10:45:15 PM
30x7[ 0 messages] 

Another TST night.



Sunday 04th December 2011 02:48:25 PM
在雲之南[ 0 messages] 



Saturday 03rd December 2011 11:25:25 PM
四川西北•秋遊十天[ 0 messages] 





Saturday 03rd December 2011 01:20:24 AM
在雲之南 (day8)[ 0 messages] 

11/20/2011 第八天


























Friday 02nd December 2011 11:56:05 PM
夜宴[ 0 messages] 


Friday 02nd December 2011 11:18:57 PM
在雲之南 (day7)[ 0 messages] 

11/19/2011 第七天

































Thursday 01st December 2011 10:04:32 PM
December Horoscopes [ 0 messages] 

Cancer Summary

The eclipses are back, and discussions or concerns you had in mid-June near the last eclipse (June 15) will be back on your agenda. You have become accustomed to seeing eclipses in Cancer over the past two years, but those made your life stressful. The new series of eclipses, in Gemini and Sagittarius, will be different and far easier for you to adjust to. In fact, by comparison, the one this month may only have a mild influence.
The total eclipse of December 10 indicates that if a secret has been withheld from you, it would suddenly come out in the open. Alternatively, matters of health may be emphasized - yours or that of a friend or family member. You may accompany your mother to the hospital, or, on the other hand, you may check yourself into a clinic to have a procedure done on you that you had put off. If you have been wrestling with a psychological matter, the eclipse will encourage you to seek help to sort out your perceptions with a professional. An eclipse is a strong event - afterward you will be glad for the moves you made.
December is often a big month for family gatherings, but this time your sister or brother will take center stage rather than your parents. This is partly due to the eclipse in the sibling sign of Gemini, and partly due to the position of Mars in your sibling-oriented third house. Check in for news - your sister or brother is coming up strongly in your horoscope, and will likely have important news to share. The only problem may be that you may not agree with your sibling over something, as Mars will be in hard angle to the eclipse. See how things go, and do your best to keep your relationship calm.
In your career, Uranus will turn direct on the same day as the eclipse, December 10, a happy development. If you've been frustrated that your career has not been moving at a fast clip, or if you have experienced a sudden reversal, you will see a wonderful change for the better. You have suffered through a number of false stars in past months, but your new productivity will please you and make you more optimistic about your future. Uranus is in your fame sector, and that's significant. If you got a job offer near November 25, chances are that the move would be a lateral one, not a step up. You may be able to change that with the people you are dealing with now, with the change of Uranus to direct speed, or you may get another offer.
The new moon on December 24 in your partnership / marriage house could bring an exciting proposal (from you or from your sweetheart), and soon you'll be shopping for rings and looking at honeymoon brochures. Pluto, a rather powerful planet, has been moving in strong, direct speed since mid-September, indicating that you feel sure and seem ready to make a big decision about your one-and-only now.
Romantically, if you are already married or living together, you can look forward to taking a trip together or to drawing up new exciting goals to work on together. With Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune all in positive angle to that new moon, you'll gain stability, happiness, AND inspiration from all that happens in the two weeks to follow. If you are not taking a trip, it is alternatively possible that your partner may have exciting news to share, or you may decide to work on a new goal together. Uranus is in tough angle, however, so career demands (yours or your partner's) may bring an unexpected obstacle that you will have to solve first, before you can go.
On the following day, December 25, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will turn on full power, after months of being retrograde, just in time to spark a busy social season. The happy holiday events you attend will be perfect for making powerful new associations. Invitations from friends will begin to pour in, and you may have to choose the best among all the exciting offers, an enviable situation!
Cancer Dates to Note
The eclipse of December 10 will not affect you as strongly as previous eclipses have this year (think: July 1). This eclipse will make for a good time to address psychological matters with a therapist. It's also a time when secrets will come out in the open, only to protect you.
Getting engaged for the holidays? Your timing is perfect! The new moon December 24 will help you crystallize all. 
Mercury will be retrograde until December 13, and because it is going backward in your workaday sector, you may find you have to redo projects due to errors, or because your boss or client changes his mind about certain elements of the project. Be careful about any negative health diagnosis you get in the first half - it may be wrong. Have a second test.
Travel may occur at any time this month. If you feel a need to hop in your car to enjoy the holidays in a new location, Mars will see that you can.
The move of Jupiter to direct speed on December 25 will bring you additional support from friends in the months ahead. They've been preoccupied, but not for long.
Your career has been going through fits and starts, and the progress has been maddeningly uneven. Once Uranus goes direct in Aries on December 10, the pace will become smoother and more reliable.
Mars will highlight the activities of a sibling, and so will the eclipse: all month. Aim to keep your interactions cordial.
Most romantic evenings: December 1, 3, 4, 7, 19, 22, 24, 25, 29, and 30.

Capricorn Summary

One - or even two - work projects you have centered your attention on lately are about to reach a final stage due to the total eclipse of December 10. Concurrently, a trusted subordinate you depended on to get your work done efficiently may suddenly quit as a result of this eclipse. Hopefully you have been saving resumes of those you've interviewed previously for future reference. This month you may need to have that file handy at your fingertips.
December will be a busy month for everyone, so make a concerted effort to stay back at home, but particularly as you get closer to December 10. The eclipse will exert strong demands and its vibration will be partially focused on your health. You may be tempted to work beyond your limits, and therefore become susceptible to colds and flu. If you notice something about how you feel seems a bit off, don't delay - go for a medical checkup and you'll soon be on the path to health again.
You may lose an assistant or a project many wind down to an end. We need to expect these things to happen in life, but somehow when they do, we are always taken off guard. It does not appear that you will leave the job, but rather that a woman in your group at work or who helps you at home will leave.
You are fortunate in that Mars in compatible Virgo is now in your ninth house of travel and foreign relationships. Virgo is a compatible sign to yours, so you may travel more than usual. Alternatively this same area of your chart rules information - how it is dispersed, say, through publishing or broadcasting projects, or taken in, such as through university study or investigation. You will find that you can make progress in any one or more of these areas. Be aware, however, that Mars will slow its orbit beginning now in preparation to go retrograde next month on January 23, so you will need to be satisfied with slow, gradual progress in these areas.
Birthday time of the year will arrive once the Sun moves into Capricorn in the last third of the month, and at that time, you will come into your own. Your annual new moon in Capricorn will arrive December 24 and is filled with promise. While Uranus, planet of disruption and sudden change, will bring you into a new realm regarding a living situation or a home / property or family (parental) question, you seem more than qualified to face any challenge with your characteristic sense of resourcefulness and practicality. Step forward courageously toward into your new life.
Venus and Jupiter will be cooking up all sorts of wonderful romantic surprises for you, and so you will be set socially all month. Your big moment will come December 25 when Jupiter turns direct and begins to help you in a far bigger way from now through mid-June. Wow! What a way to begin 2012!
Most romantic dates: December 1-4, 6, 7, 15, 16, 24, 25, 28, and 29.



Thursday 01st December 2011 12:00:00 AM
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