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I wish we can have a holiday never end.

Summer 2001, we met a family in Luzern in Switzerland. We talked only for about half an hour. We exchanged contact as usual hostelers did. Ok, we kept contact, but didn't expect anything.

When we were travelling in Europe 2 year ago, we had a very memorable visit in Czech Rep. We didn't know how to express our thankful to my friend, Honza and his family. Being a Hong Kong guy that I am always proud of, HK people are cool. It is not popular to accommodate visitors from aboard, what I am saying is a real foreigner, not your cousin from the mainland China staying in your place, sharing your room.

While we stayed in CZ, he drove us to places and told us stories (of course, you need to be well equipped. I can barely told the story of Wong Tai Sin Temple to others ... HK people should be educated more on their local history.). It was not just money matter, it was all about heart !

Every morning, his mom prepared breakfast for us, sometimes Honza. Sometimes he prepared food in case we were hungry during visiting castles ... haha! We shared every nights while we were after dinner, sometimes with his mom and dad. He has a great family! Mom and dad would go for a walk after dinner. They were well educated. We had different kinds of alcohols every nights, not to mention beers, we had different wines and spirits. The nights were so lovely!! Well, I need to mention his sister, Hana (correct me if Honza find me wrong!). She studied in Brno, and came back to Kutna Hora for a lunch with us, and of course introduced us the school they had been to, and guided us to Italian Court. We were deeply moved when we were on the way to Berlin, while we were having the sandwich they prepared for us in the early morning. I would never forget that feeling.

This year, 2007, Honza surprisingly had a chance to visit us, before he flew back to Aberdeen in Scotland after his work in far east Russia offshore. Me and Carol were super-happy. We took leave from work, hoped to stay with him for more HK places, to feel more HK. We want to take him to different places to eat, but so little time. Afterall, HK is a gourmet paradise! We stayed in my aunt's home in Tseung Kwan O, thanks Anita!

HK is a (over) crowded city, I know Honza don't like crowd. I know he likes natural beauty than architecture. I know he likes to go to beaches. I know he likes seafood, but have a "stupid-ranking". I know he wants to have his own business .... from the fortune teller in Wong Tai Sin, hahahaha!!

We felt just like another CZ trip ended.
Here are the photos ...
All the best~ to us!!

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