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Album: 2024 Lunar New Year @ Hokaido

Quick collection of photos, ski trip with Nephew's family. 

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Album: 2023 Lunar New Year @ Japan Nagaro

Our second trip in winter 2022/2023, just we 2 in this trip.

Lovely to dinner & ski reunion with friends!

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Album: 2019 White Christmas @ Japan

24Dec2019 to 1Jan2020 We had a skiing trip in Japan, firstly half day at Tokyo, 1 day at Fuji, 1 night at Shibu Onsen and remaining days at Hakuba with our friend family. The earth gets sick and not much snow at Hakuba, many tracks are closed because no snow :(

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Album: Macau wedding anniversary 2019

DD had 1 day bz trip coincidentially on our wedding anniversary day, so stayed for 2 nights @ Macau for celebration. 

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Album: Japan round 2 Hakuba 2019

6to12Feb2019, because of pretty snow, we went Japan again for skiing and amazing Team Lab museum!

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Album: Christmas in Japan 2018

19to26Dec2018, we skiied with our friend's family!

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Album: 2018 Easter London

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Album: 2018 Japan Hokkaido

05 to 14Feb2018, we had our 4th Hokkaido trip, shopping in Sapporo, skiing in Niseko, paragliding & skiing in Furano.


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Angsana 門口
Album: USA West Coast 2017

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Album: UK 2017

We spent around 1 week vacation and visited lovely Caleb B, enjoyed a few days in Wales & Lake District.

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Album: 2016 Christmas @ Italy

20Dec to 30Dec we spent a honeymoon Christmas in Venice, Florence, skilling in Dolomite Alps based Canazei, Milan. Counting down at Southampton with sweet Caleb, Lucy & Nick for 29 hours.


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Album: 2016 Vietnam Da Nang

We both enjoyed an relaxing trip in Da Nang of Vietnam, walking around in downtown & stayed in an excellent resort at Lang Co from 24Sep to 29Sep.

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7/8 many people came for the sun & beach
Album: 2016 Norway

25Mar to 9April 2016, we both + L&N spent a few days in UK, then an unforgettable trip in Norway for northern light.

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Album: 北海道2016

10 to 17Feb2016, we had our 3rd Hokkaido trip, our flight was delayed in Tokyo because of heavy snow for 1 night, then shopping in Sapporo, skiing in Niseko.

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Album: 2015 UK & Ireland

5Jul to 14Aug, Kaki had a long solo break at UK, based in Southampton, visited London, Hampshire, Cornwall, Devon.

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Album: 2015 Japan - 長野滑雪三人行

6 to 10Mar, we had a happy ski trip with good friend Kris! We both had crazy shopping in Outlet & Tokyo Shinjuku, enjoyed skiiing in Shigakogen志賀高原, and visited the monkeys in the hot pool!

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Its outlook is really soooo awesome
Album: Christmas with Nutcracker 與胡桃夾子過聖誕

Flag Clipart

19Dec2014 to 4Jan2015, we 2 have a wonderful X'mas vacation in three Europe countries includes: Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Rothenberg, Nuremberg & Murich of Germany, Ischgl of Austria, Moscow of Russia! Many 1st time experience in this trip: luggage delayed, new concept of fondue, Kaki's allergic reaction...etc..Merry X'mas & Happy New Year!!

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Album: 2014 Hua Hin華欣 - Thailand


4 to 9Sep, we had a relaxing self-driving trip in Thailand, stayed Bangkok for 1 night & 1 morning, then took a happy rest @ Hua Hin~ sweet & luxury to go with A380 J-class seats & stayed in two excellent resorts :)

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Album: Aurora Anniversary 2014 @ Alaska & Canada


28Feb to 16Mar, we had our 2nd wedding anniversary trip in Alaska & Canada, we visited Anchorage for sled dog race, Fairbanks for Aurora (northern light) watching, Whistler for ski week~! A freezing but warm trip!

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Album: United Kingdom 2013

 3 to 18Aug Four of us had a great & funny trip in UK, we visited London, Oxford, Cotswold, Bath, Bristol & round trip in Scotland!! It's part 2 of our campervan experience and oversea prewedding shooting trip for L&N as well!!

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The last picture of our camera~!!
Beautiful~ right?! heehee
Album: 2013 Singapore

16 to 19Nov, Kaki had a short course and sweet Danny went to Singapore together! Visited our dear friends staying in Singapore, tried lots of good food and enjoyed the excellent service of two hotels:P

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Album: 2013 Hokkaido 北海道
02 to 11March, we went to Hokkaido again for skiing & our first marriage anniversary! The ski field in Niseko is really great! Crazy shopping in Sapporo & visited Akan again~ Lovin' you~

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Album: Our Exotic Honey @ South America
22Jun, after almost 30 hrs flight from HK, we had an unforgettable & joyful 3-weeks winter honeymoon in South America. We miss the sexy beach in Rio of Brazil, the grand sight & drippings of Iguazu Falls, the vastness of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the awesome glaciers & beautiful lakes in Argentina~

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Album: 2011 京阪奈楓
29Nov to 05Dec2011, we both had our DIY prewedding photos shooting trip during Autumn of Japan, soaked in pretty mables~ Finally finished this album, since so busy after our bigday & finished the prewedding collections~

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the hotel have lots of activities everyday, see a coach and another tourist doing Yoga, so kaki joined in and keep joining sunrise or sunset yoga everyday!
Album: 觀花嫁@Bali 2011
29Sep to 3Oct, we & several friends attended our friends: Ava & Bob's wedding & dived in Tulamben & Manta Point of Bali~ Happy Wedding & forever!

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Album: Kaki's USA study trip 2011

Upon the subsidy, Kaki took a 5-days short course in University of North Carolina and stayed behind in New York for 2 days!! What's a valuable experience and happy to visit favorite NYC again!

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Album: 悠悠偷閒 Hideaway @ Khao Lak 2011
05 to 10June, we both have a relaxing vacation in Khao Lak, north of Phuket, becoz of great discount of a great resort! It's unlucky that the top diving site was closed and we just dived for 1 day in Phuket!


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Album: ShangHai HangZhou 2011
25 to 29May, coz DD had conference to go, Kaki joined since 3rd day of that conference and travelled SH again, also spent 2 days in HangZhou! eat a lot a lot la!!!

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Album: Central Europe 2010 - 17 Days White Christmas

17Dec2010 to 2Jan2011
, we 2 have our first white X'mas vacation in four Central Europe countries includes: Prague & Cesky Krumlov of Czech, Ljubljana & Bled of Slovenia, Zagreb, Spilt & Dubrovnik of Croatia, Hallstatt, Obergurl of Austria! Merry X'mas & Happy New Year!!

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Album: Philippines - Cebu 2010 快。閃。潛
30Sep to 3Oct, 5 frds and we, totally 7 ppl took a short break in Cebu. Another dive trip and sunny trip~ We dived in Bohol and Alona beach! nice wall dive there!

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Album: Philippines - PG 2010 食。住。潛

30Jun to 4Jul, we followed our diving instructor and other divers to PG and finished our Advanced Recreational Diver Course. PG's really a nice place to learn advanced course! We all played happily~!

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Album: Hokkaido 2010 悠。遊。雪雪
04 to 14 Feb, we had wonderful snow vacation in Hokkaido of Japan. Visited snow festivals in 5 cities, started @Sapporo, drived thr Kushiro 釧路, Lake Akan 阿寒湖, Abashiri 網走, Shiretoko 知床, Soun-kyo Gorge 層雲峽, Asahikawa旭川, Furano 富良野, Otaru 小樽.

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