Day 3 Alesund
After our first night on the Hurtigruten, we arrived in Alesund. Finally, we managed to get rid of the raining days!!
In Alesund, we specially take a trip to the Aquarium. Even though it may seems childish to go to an Aquarium, we found that the knowledge we got is useful in our fishing trip least  we won't seems like an idiot when people talk about fish.
Dr. SoNorway 挪威之旅 May 2007
We arrived very early, and so we just walk along the harbour and take this picture. A passers by told us this is named Oluf.
Better view when the cloud moves away.
It's quite a good day
flowers along the way
This is the human diver feeding show held at 1pm. Quite entertaining.
See those greedy fishes!
Some even try to steal from the bag.
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