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Miki 0055z
Lulu Tung VC  00070z
Chloe Ho VC  00043z
Kasin 0012 Shun z
SHUN Class 0044s
Album: Miki

Fun filled personality equipped with an angelic face is Miki.

Changed: May 04, 2011.
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Album: Lulu Tung
Lulu Tung

There are reasons why Lulu is popular presently.

Changed: Apr 27, 2011.
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Album: Chloe Ho
Chloe Ho
Full of inspiration and eagerness is Chloe, a model with plenty of heart.

Changed: Apr 25, 2011.
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Album: Kasin Lau
Kasin Lau
Kasin has that wonderful smiling face that is contagious.

Changed: Apr 24, 2011.
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Album: SHUN & Friends


Changed: Apr 10, 2011.
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Suri Cheang VC  00605s
Winnie Yip VC_01444s
Tracy To 00017s
Miffy Lee VC 00095s
Yumi Wan VC 00575s
Album: Suri Cheang
Suri Cheang
Suri comes from the land of casinos.  Her demeanour does not, however, show any risk-taking potentials. She is good company to keep.

Changed: Mar 18, 2011.
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Album: Winnie Yip

Winnie Yip
Winnie is pretty in a charmingly subtle way. She is gentle and caring. What photographer will not want to shoot this exceptional girl?

Changed: Feb 04, 2011.
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Album: Tracy To
Tracy To

Tracy wants to present her best side for her photographers. She is a very cooperative model.

Changed: Jan 22, 2011.
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Album: Miffy Lee
Miffy Lee

Miffy has a will to make good phtographs. Given this desire, she will carve herself a corner in this arena.

Changed: Jan 23, 2011.
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Album: The Dresses
Yumi Wan

Long limbs and intelligent

Changed: Oct 13, 2011.
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Ximenia VC 00142s
Kameron Fung 0104s
Yvonne Fung 0003s
Katrina Ling VC_00565s
Ching Shrimp VC 00024s
Album: Ximenia
Ximenia Tse

Ximenia has that Japanese doll look which is appealing to many a photographers.

Changed: Oct 15, 2010.
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Album: Kameron Fung 2010.10
Kameron Fung

Fisrt impression of Kameron was her long legs, they are slim and strong, a paradoxical combination.

Changed: Oct 12, 2010.
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Album: Yvonne Fung
Yvonne Fung

Yvonne knows how to carry herself in a most adventageous fashion, her large eyes beckons her photographers to keep shooting images after images.

Changed: Oct 06, 2010.
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Album: Katrina Ling
Katrina Ling

Katrina, whom everyone affectionately call Ling Ling, is mature and full of confidence.

Changed: Jul 12, 2010.
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Album: Ching Wong
Ching Shrimp 大頭蝦
Ching is definitely a 大頭蝦, but in a very sweet fashion. There is constant noise acoming from Ching during a photoshoot, never will there be a dull moment. hahaha.....

Changed: May 17, 2010.
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Tracy Chan VC 00332s
Natalie Tai 0089s
Fish Man Yu VC 0333s
Ceman L VC 0168s
Suki Ng VC_000307s
Album: Tracy Chan
Tracy Chan
Tracy is fragile and dainty, her frailty begs for compassion and protection. It makes her attractive :-)
Did I mention she has legs that go on forever? She does.

Changed: Apr 25, 2010.
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Album: Natalie Tai
Natalie Tai
Nattie seems like a quiet type with a winning smile.......until you get to know her!

Changed: Apr 04, 2010.
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Album: ManYu Fish
Fish Man

Fish is not slippery, as her name suggests.  She is kind and cool, and she is willing to put out for the better of the picture. This model, with her work ethics, is going be be a hot model.

Changed: Apr 10, 2010.
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Album: Ceman L
Ceman L
She is cool, pretty and gentle, all tied up with a friendly personality.

Changed: Mar 13, 2010.
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Album: Suki Ng
Suki Ng
Suki is a Photoshop guru, I can learn so much from her expertise! In additional to the software talent, she is a natural model.

Changed: Jun 29, 2010.
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Emily Suen VC 00029s
JennyMei Ng VC 00010s
Natalie Pang VC 00300s
Kumi Shing VC 00107s
Album: Maggie Lau
Maggie Lau
Maggie is a new friend, she is an aspiring model. Do well, Maggs!

Changed: Mar 08, 2010.
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Album: Emily Suen
Emily Suen
Sweetness is Emily. She listened attentively and executed accurately. This is a dream come true.

Changed: Mar 07, 2010.
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Album: Jennymei Ng
Jennymei Ng
Her father committed an act of thievery many years ago, he has stolen two stars from the heavens and placed them in Jennymei's eyes. If you ever wanna see a bright-eyed girl, look no further.

Changed: Feb 28, 2010.
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Album: Natalie Hei Pang
Natalie Pang
Natalie is a candy sweet and affectionate girl. This will certainly push her career far far up the ladder of success.

Changed: Feb 20, 2010.
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Album: Kumi Shing
Kumi Shing
Kumi is the kind of sunshine-girl that affects everyone around her. She is unpretentious, honest and adventurous. Time spent with her is time well spent. 

Changed: Jan 10, 2010.
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