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At the Sandai Station waiting for the Bullet train 仙台駅
Album: 2004-06 Fujian Wuyishan 福建 武夷山

桂林山水甲天下,不及武夷一山丘 -- 郭沫若

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Album: 2004-05 Sichuan Guozhaikou 四川 九寨溝

九寨溝以水聞名於世,從前要由成都乘約十小時車才可到達。去年九黄 (九寨溝及黄龍) 機場建成,只需乘45分鐘飛機便可到達,省却不少時間。

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Album: 2004-05 Japan 日本遊

Joined a Japan Tour for 5 days in H.K. in May 2004.

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Golden Gate Bridge 
Album: 2004-03 U.S. San Francisco Tour 美國 三藩市遊

San Francisco is a good place to go always. Weather is fine thru the whole year and you can find Chinese culture everywhere. We went there for relaxing and to watch Cantonese opera. What a pleasure!!

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Album: 2003-12-30 The Yuen Yuen Institue 圓玄學院


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Album: 2003-12 Hunan Zhangjiajie 湖南 張家界


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Album: 2003-08 Kweilin 桂林五天遊


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Album: 2003-07 Russia-St. Petersberg 俄羅斯 - 聖彼得堡遊


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Album: 2003-03 South America - Brasil, Argentina, Chile and Peru 南美洲四國之旅 - 巴西、阿根庭、智利及秘魯

Early March is the best time to go to Brasil. The weather is moderate and that's Carnival in Brasil. Going there involved long flight from Vancouver to Dallas→Miami→Rio Dejanero then inland flights to the Amazon and other three countries.

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The Canada Arm. This is the only thing you can find in the space shuttle which is "made in Canada"
Album: 2003-01-27 Houston - U.S.Tour 美國-侯斯頓之遊

In the Johnson Space Centre, you can see the actual control centre of the Apollo 11 which first landed on the moon in 1969.

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Album: Untitled

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