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94- Birth of Metronome

    Metronome was born on 20/4/94. It was founded by Kelvin Wong, who had held a guitar course at the Choi Hung Center of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups the months before. The members included the students of that course, and some others who were interested in music.
    At first, we aimed at playing songs of different styles, and serving the community ( by singing songs to them ).

    It was more like a music interest group in the early days, with some 10 plus members, and played music together on every Wednesday. Sometimes, we went to the elderly centers and sang to them.

95- First own show
    On 23/12/95, we held "The Metronome X'mas Show '95" at our center, and sang some cover versions, and the most important, some of the very first of our own songs were presented.

96- Year of shows
    We participated in other shows in the next summer, and on 23/8/96, we first held our own concert : Metronome Dream '96 at the Tsuen Wan Town Hall. The most important thing was that all the songs were written by us except two, and we have the drum parts in our songs for the first time.

Becoming independent
    On 20/11/96, we became independent of the Center, as we found that the Center could not support us very much. Also, we behaved more like a band with 7 members.

97- Year of compeyitions
    In 97, we participated Carlsberg Music Expression. Both"The Busker" and "High Hill Green" further advanced to the Preliminary. "The Busker" was believed to be the first song that played without drums in the competition, where "高山青" was a Chinese Folk song played in a rock style. "高山青" further advanced to the Finals. Unfortunately, we didn't play well and get any prices, but we won the loudest applause as we played a "dynamic" show.
    After the Tom Lee Music Harbourfront Festival on 14-12-1997, we became silent as 2 members were busy for their own company, 2 were busy for their studies.

98- Year of re-organization
    Due to personal conflicts, we were finding some changes, and on 26/4/98, our "late member", Paul Man was officially recruited as our vocalist, and Lai Chi Lun changed from guitarist to drummer. We became a 5-man-band. Others were "fired".
    We started going to the Band room for practice, and on 21/6/98, we participated the Carlsberg for the second time. However, unpredictedly, we could not advance further. Appearance in Tom Lee Music Harbourfront Festival was in July.

99- Y2K pass?
    Although the band seemed to be stable, Lee Wai Ching left us on 8/6/1999, as he felt tired after playing in the bands for some years. The 4-man -band continued to have some shows, and advanced to the Finals of Band Sound Festival 99. After that, the band started to have internal conflicts again, as we have difficulties in finding time to the band room. Metronome became asleep since then zzzz, this history became a true history......

    Though, I believe the story is unfinished.


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