Sonic Sports Association 新力體育會
Sonic Sports Association was founded by elite Hong Kong Triathletes, registered coaches and sports enthusiasts. The association is a registered non-profit organization and an affiliate of the Hong Kong Triathlon Association. SONIC aims to promote the sports of triathlon by providing training courses ranging from introductory to elite levels and by encouraging participation in both local and overseas triathlon events. The ultimate goal is to create a community where its members can improve their health, enhance their physical abilities, and build friendships while enjoying the sport of Triathlon.
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新力體育會 < 新力 > 由香港三項鐵人精英運動員、註冊專項教練及熱心社區體育活動人仕成立,乃特區政府已註冊之非牟利團體組織,及認可的三項鐵人總會註冊屬會。本會致力推廣三項鐵人運動,提供基至英培訓課程予各社區人仕,在透過三項鐵人訓練或組織到本地及海外比賽之餘,更讓每一位在工餘時候可強身健體、擴闊社交圈子及參與聯誼活動等…

Team Sonic
2014 Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian
2014-07-06 Aquathon Series - Race 2
2013-04-14 Aquathon 1
2012-06-03 Hong Kong Life Triathlon Championships 2012
2012-05-06Bank of China (Hong Kong) 55th Festival of Sport – 2012Age Group Triathlon
2011 Ironman Taiwan
Other Sports Event
2011-05-08 Bank of China (Hong Kong) 54th Festival of Sport – 2011 Age Group Triathlon
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