Vincent Poon :: Aswan (18th - 20th Apr 2007)
Besides Luxor and Cairo, Aswan is the last of the three must-go places when visiting Egypt. For many people, they come to Aswan only as a transit stop to Abu Simbel. But Aswan is much more than that.. it is really a combination of the Nile, the Feluccas and the atmosphere here that shine.
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The roof of a restaurant on the Corniche el-Nil
Temple of Isis, first pylon (18m high)
Album: Aswan and Around (18th-20th Apr 2007)
Laid-back and pleasant, Aswan is really a good place for a break after my desert trip. The hotels here are cheaper and nicer and even the local Egyptian merchants here are less aggressive than in Cairo. And most importantly, crossing the roads here is no longer mission impossible!

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Album: Felucca Cruise (19th Apr 2007)
One boat, 2 men, three missions. Cruise the felucca, visit the Nubian Village and fish in the Nile...
The many feluccas in the Nile made the cruise a really scenic experience; the different Nubian culture made the trip to Mustafa's home village equally interesting; as for the fishing.... well, luckily Mustafa's mom had already bought some fishes for our dinner..

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Album: Philae (20th Apr 2007)
This island has many temples, built upon by Pharaohs and Caesars of different era. Out of these, the most famous one is definitely the temple of Isis, dedicated to the goddess of the same name, who was also the mother of Horus. Like Abu Simbel, the whole complex was also relocated bits by bits by UNESCO in order to save it from the flooding of the high dam.

Although it was the first temple I visited, I was already impressed by its use of Egyptian-style pylons and the Greek/Roman-style columns. The mix 'n match at 300BC really worked out!

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