Vincent Poon :: Israel & Jordan 2008
31st Aug - 13th Sep

Visited Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth & Lake Galilee, River Jordan, Masada, Dead Sea, Latrun, Eilat, Wadi Rum, Petra, Madaba, Jerash and Amman

Floating on the Dead Sea, swimming with the dolphin, climbing on a WWII tank, camping in the Red Desert, pretending to be Indiana Jones in Petra, watching a gladiator fight in Jerash... all these were just some of the 'stuff' that I did during my 2 weeks trip, and not to mention I felt my faith renewed after following the foot steps of Jesus in the Holy Land!
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The stained glass at the facade
Below the altar is the 5th century mosaic of 2 fishes flanking a basket containing 5 loaves of bread and also the block of limestone on which the miraculous meal was laid.
Walk across the bridge and it is the entrance of the site
Album: Jerusalem (31-Aug - 6 Sep)
Jerusalem, a name that has constantly appeared in the biblical text, a city that is more than 3000 years old, a place that is sacred to 3 religions and a region that has always been in conflicts. Yet it is this very place that has given us such a rich amount of history and culture. Walking (or getting lost) in there is like reading a living history book where you would see and learn new things at every turn of the corner.

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Album: Bethlehem (2-Sep)
Needless to say Bethlehem is the birthplace for Christ and it is definitely a must for Catholics like me though it is situated in the West Bank. In fact this was the only city I visited (alone) in the West Bank! To be honest, I felt more unsafe in Jerusalem when I saw kids playing with electric stun guns (near the bus station) than any time in this town

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Album: Tour on Nazareth, Galilee & River Jordan (3-Sep)
In order to follow the footsteps of Jesus outside Jerusalem I had joined a 1-day tour to Nazareth, Galilee and River Jordan. Because of the geographical and political reasons, a lot of time was spent on travelling rather than sightseeing. Still, that's probably the best you could get for just 1 day

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Album: Masada (4-Sep)
Once used by Herod the Great, this 440m high mountain-top fortress was most famous for the Roman siege in 66AD when the revolting Jews captured this as the last stronghold for 2 years before fallen after all the remaining 1000 defenders committed a mass suicide rather than surrendering. 
'Masada Shall Not fall Again' is now a swearing-in oath of the Israeli defense force (IDF) 

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C'mon babie...
A sneezing dolphin (I think)... bless you~
Our jeep!
Album: Dead Sea & Ein Gedi Spa (4-Sep)

Many people know you can float in the Dead Sea, but few know that it is also the lowest point on the earth surface. (423m below sea level) While there are many public "beaches" along the shoreline of the Dead Sea, I chose Ein Gedi Spa, which for ~140 HKD I got to experience Dead Sea and its mineral water at its best!

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Album: Latrun Armored Corps Museum (5-Sep)

Yad La-Shiryon is Israel's official memorial site for fallen soldiers from the armored corps, as well as one of the most diverse tank museums in the world. You will be amazed by the sheer number and varieties of vehicles showcased ...

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Album: Eilat (6-7 Sep)

Eilat is found in the southern tip of Israel and is the only place accessible to Red Sea. I came here to look for beaches and bikinis as well as crossing over to Jordan via Aqaba. Compared to Sharm el-Sheikh, everything here was disappointing, well, maybe except for the dolphins... 

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Album: Wadi Rum (8-Sep)

Although it is usually associated with Lawrence of Arabia, Wadi Rum is more than his footprints... If Egypt's B & W desert's theme is Black and White, then Wadi Rum's is definitely the Red. If Morocco's Mergouza is famous for the sand dunes, then Wadi Rum is definitely for its rock formations..

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Walking along the Siq is such a magical experience, you have to be there to actually feel it!
World's tallest free-standing flagpole...127m high!
An plaza is unusal for its shape and size, measures by 90m x 80m
Defensive formation
Album: Petra (9-10 Sep)
When people knew I was going to Jordan, the first thing they brought up was whether I would go to Petra. At first I could only associate Petra with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In fact, the Siq and the Treasury were only the beginning, and more and more surprises lied ahead as you explored further into the Rose City of Petra. 

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Album: Amman (11-13 Sep)
Amman is hilly with its over seven major jebels (hills) and therefore my primary transport was the fairly cheap taxi... Yes! that means not much exploration on foot!
Still managed to check out some of the major sites... though a disappointment that no one knew where the Royal Automobile Museum was, got to pay a visit after watching Indiana Jones and the last crusade!

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Album: Jerash (12-Sep)
Another well preserved ancient Roman city, with the usual temples, theatres and columns... though I must say the most impressive was the Oval plaza which was quite unique in those ancient cities I have visited; and of course the full-functioning hippodrome which they now host the R.A.C.E 

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Album: RACE (12-Sep)

RACE - the only place in the world where Roman army, gladiators and chariot racing performances can be experienced in a genuine Roman hippodrome... I must say you really felt traveled back to the Roman Era and was part of an audience inside the gigantic hippodrome. "Sit where the Romans sat, See what the Romans saw!"

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Jerusalem, the middle horizontal street is the main street (Cardo)
1/9 dinner - mushroom soup (salty), pizza? quiche? (too many olives) and ice mint tea (NIS 58)
Interesting design and architecture inside the hostel. The hotel was here since 1740
Album: Madaba & Mt. Nebo (12-Sep)
Madaba is the most important Christian centre in Jordan and also is the home of the famous Madaba Mosaic Map.
Mt. Nebo is where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land, a land where he was forbidden to enter. This is also the place where he died and was buried. 
Here I stood on the same spot where Moses and his fellow Israelis were after their 40 years of journey from Egypt thousands of years ago...

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Album: Food and Beverages

Again in Middle East the purpose of F & B was barely to fill-up the stomach and stopped me from dehydrating. It was getting really worse when I entered Jordan during Ramandan.. where everyone would not eat nor drink while the sun was out. Of course the visitors wouldn't need to follow the rituals but then finding people selling food during the day was the challenge!

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Album: Hotels, hostels and tents..
Definitely not the most luxurious trip this was! (and definitely not the worst!) The only good thing about these hotels/hostels/camps were the price, especially in Jordan!
Although most people would like to stay in the New City in Jerusalem for the modern hotels I would recommend you to try to stay in the Old City as it turned out after dark the Old City was quite a different experience! And don't tell me that you have not been warned!! ;)

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