carol :: peru 2007
as you spend time viewing my pics in these folders, you will notice the huge variances throughout each town in peru...
and i'm glad i was able to spend in-depth time exploring this country... jungle experience in the Amazon, the tranquility of Cuzco, the amazing Inca ruins, the breathtaking view of the sacred valley, the uniqueness of the floating island in Lake Titicaca...
last but not least... experiencing an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 was definitely something i will NEVER forget for the rest of my life!
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chilling out @ the amazon
iglesia de la compania de jesus
Album: amazon, peru
i was a bit disappointed with the jungle experience in the amazon as i expected to see a lot more varieties of animal species... yet, the sunset in the amazon along with the natural jungle background music was very relaxing

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Album: cuzco & the sacred valley

few highlights of cuzco:
*  the quietness & the coziness of the town
*  the spanish influenced architectures
*  it was my first learning of peruvian cultures that they eat guinea pigs... came to me as the first culture shock...
*  the tasty cuisines available in cuzco... i would have never imagined such good food & funky restaurants existed in cuzco...
*  the jewellery designs/stores in cuzco were another surprise to me!!
*  i've had the best morning shoots around cuzco for few times... which i was VERY pleased... & cuzco police does get around town quite early... so it's quite safe to walk around town alone if/when you see them

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Album: ollantaytambo & aguas calientes
*  ollantaytambo was a very interesting town... however, the ruins should have be visited during mornings ONLY since it's located between hills and there's not much sunlight going into the ruins in the afternoon...
*  anybody who is interested in taking the peru rail from ollantaytambo to aguas calientes, please make sure you'd get the left side of the train
*  there was not much going on in aguas calientes, but we had to  make a stop there  in order to go to machu picchu WAY early in the following morning...

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Album: machu picchu
this one day of shooting machu picchu which started with pouring rain in the morning turned out to be an excellent day to shoot as clouds were moving and less crowded there... i was lucky to make it within the daily limit of 400 visitors going up on waynu picchu that day...

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cracks shown on highway in Lima after earthquake of 8.0 magnitude happened in Peru on Aug 15th, 2007; the epicenter was roughly 150km south-southeast of lima
Album: puno & lake titicaca, peru
lake titicaca came in as one of the biggest surprises to me during my Peru trip as i've never expected a place with such interesting people/villages/sceneries to shoot...
walking on the floating villages, which made up of totora reeds, was definitely a unique experience to me...
Taquile Island, where villagers speak mainly Quechua, have a long tradition of weaving.  Quality as well as different types of woven can denote different social status.  Throughout the visit, men would focus on their tightly woven woolen hats when they talked to each other and even when they walked around the village.  On the other hand, women on Taquile Island would focus on their embroideries.

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cracks shown on highway in Lima after earthquake of 8.0 magnitude happened in Peru on Aug 15th, 2007; the epicenter was roughly 150km south-southeast of lima
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