carol :: travelogue
travelling & photography have always been a big part of my life...
i'm building this album so that i can share with you what i've seen during my trips...
as well as dedicating it to my parents & my sis who allow me to follow my passion...  
to my travel buddy... thank you for all your support, patience, laugh, & time!!
& to my love, who has made my journeys WAY WAY WAY more colorful & fun...
i'm truly grateful to be able to explore the world with you, hand-in-hand, cameras-in-cameras ;-)
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Album: Fiji 2010

Bula Fiji!!

another dream trip off my list…
this time we stayed on one small island for 9days straight… snorkelling right outside of our bure… walking barefoot on the island for most of the time… kayaking around the island… few scuba-diving & fishing trips… visiting neaby islands (Tavua & Tom Hanks’ Castaway Island)… sipping drinks & shooting sunset shots outside of our bure...
only wish we could have stayed a bit longer…

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Album: Sweden

Sweden... a country where i've always wanted to travel to... & i'm glad i FINALLY found a good reason to visit to this wonderful place at different times of the year... to see the various colors of this part of the world... 

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Album: Berlin, Germany
Few Highlights:
* our 9-hr night train from malmö, sweden to berlin was AWESOME!! & there i learnt trains go on boats these days (HA! how ignorant was i?!)
* LOVE the 'pay-what-you-want concept' bars/restaurants in berlin, i HIGHLY recommend 'Perlin' on Griebenowstrasse 5 in Mitte area
* if you ever wanna hit the glass dome of Reichstag, go EARLY! if you can't make it becoz of that EVER-LASTING long queue, don't worry, i'm w/ya!!
* except for the non-photography part, i really enjoyed the local bunker tour & to see how they built bunkers between the surface ground and the actual train stations 
* never realized how thin the wall was until this trip... & how much differences could be caused by such thin isolation between the two sides...

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Album: A quick 14-hour stopover at Guam

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sami flag
DSCN5496 copy
Album: Yap, Federated States of Micronesia

Yap - part of the Federated States of Micronesia which is located in between Guam & Palau...
2009... never would have thought that there is actually a place where stone money still applies...
where stone money banks exist more than the commercial banks on the island...
where women are still topless with their traditional grass skirts...
& where I could see signs of 'no betel-nut chewing' along with 'no food or drinks' at hospitals/swimming pool areas...
it was truly wonderful to get a taste of the Yapese traditional cultures throughout our stay
and being able to see the giant manta rays in our dive.

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Album: Palau

it all started with a scuba diving picture from the jellyfish lake that i saw years back & then i decided i had to make a trip to palau some time...
and i've always wanted to take scuba-diving all these years... but never found the right time & person to do it with...
then all the pieces fell into its right place when my love NEEDED a sunny & hot christmas...
i couldn't possibly have found a more suitable person to take my scuba-diving course with...
problem is... now that we've experienced such an eye-opening underwater world at one of the best dive sites in the world...
& been to such world-class beaches & water in Palau...
it's inevitably going to be more chaotic/interesting when deciding where to go & what to do next... sigh...

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Album: Lappland - home to the Sami people
Lapland (Swedish: Lappland) is the name of the cultural region traditionally inhabited by the Sami people.  It is located in Northern Europe & spans over 4 countries:  Norway, Sweden, Finland, & Russia.
Recently, we've made a roadtrip of 3,266km within this region to see the differences between Norway, Sweden, & a bit of Finland.  Although we missed the midnight sun this time, the sky wasn't in total darkness even when it passed midnight when travelling into the far north.  It was weird to run into golfers waiting to tee-off at 3am in Bjorkliden. 
Obviously, we didn't get to visit santa claus during summer... but we ran into A LOT of his little helpers popping out in the middle of nowhere  ; )

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Album: Lake Tahoe, Mammoth, & LA 2008
it has been quite some time since i went on a road trip with friends... and i was glad that my friends came up with this wonderful idea to coincide our snowboarding trip & visiting all those fun theme parks in LA!!!  the sceneries from Lake Tahoe to Mammoth was TOOO AMAZING to see them in my eyes!!!  definitely one of the most scenic rides i've ever taken!! 

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the catchES of the day  ; )
Album: copenhagen, denmark

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Album: belize 2008
Belize... one of the most eye-opening snorkeling trip which we've pet nurse sharks, swam with sea turtle & sting rays all at once!!!  and also by far the most satisfying fishing trip where we literally spent NO EFFORT in catching TONS of snappers... the BEST spicy rum we've ever tasted... & the most charming & relaxing resort we've ever stayed at... of all these good reasons, we'll make our way back to belize again... except the next time... we will have our licence to dive in the blue hole...

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Album: Guatemala 2007

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i'm not sure why... but i've never shot more portraits in any other countries than i've had in Cuba... maybe because of their passionate in interacting with people, they tend to hangout a lot on the street...
& unlike other folders i've released on this site, i've sorted them by the unique Cuban characteristics & aspects I've seen throughout this trip...

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aerial shot of boston
Album: mexico

first stop of my Central America trip - Mexico
Since I don't know how to speak Spanish, I joined a local tour going around Mexico City, Taxco, Acapulco, Playa Azul, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, & San Miguel de Allende. 
After these first two weeks, I then started my own little explore along the copper canyan railway where I tried horseback-riding into the canyon (Posada Barrancas), visited caves villages, as well as spending days in different villages where no one else spoke English...  which was very exciting & funny...  then taking the night boat to La Paz, & found my way to Oaxaca before starting my 2nd tour to explore Mayan culture in the Yucatan Peninsula.
All-in-all, I truly enjoyed my one month in Mexico, the varieties of culture & history,  the amazing ruins, & all the tasty food/tequilas I've had throughout my trip... 

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Album: sabah, malaysia
it was windy & cloudy & there were scattered shower every now & then when we were there, the water visibility wasn't too clear when we snorkelled... & the sunset wasn't as good as expected... plus, the water was really muddy @ pangi when we went rafting...
yet it was still wonderful & relaxing to be able to spend a few days with my travel buddy afterall...

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Album: boston 2007
Before I headed home from South America, I've decided to make a short trip to Boston where I've spent a good amount of years back in the good-o school days...
When I saw boston from the plane, I could NOT stop smiling... it was just BEAUTIFUL... gosh, I missed that town...
I wasn't sure if the sky in Boston has always been so nice or if i was just lucky that the three days I was there was super clear... but it definitely made me wonder why i left this place 10 years ago...

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Album: brazil 2007
Crossing Brazil/Argentina border via the Iguazu Falls is a MUST-GO destination...
just when i thought i've seen the best angle of the Falls from the boatride in the Argentinian side, the bridge in the Brazilian side which extends to the Falls is JUST AS stunning!  I just could NOT stop myself from looking at it...
Paraty was the only stop where i did NOT get any good weather throughout the whole trip... which i could NOT complain at all...
And i was quite surprised to find that Rio wasn't as bad as i thought... or i was just very lucky not to run into any danger...

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LOVE this pic, good job, cici!
Album: argentina 2007

although i've only made 3 stops in argentina during this trip, i was totally amazed by two of the major sites...
of course, the first one had to be my favorite patagonia region - bariloche... where it totally captured my heart...
and the second one being the Iguazu Falls...i just NEVER seen such HUGE waterfalls at any closer distance than this time...
even though it was FREEZING COLD going into the falls, it really worth EVERYTHING just to experience it!!!

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Album: chile 2007
"The more you know, the more you know what you don't know."
This quote applied SO WELL to my recent trip to Chile...
Not until i've been to this part of the world, i did NOT know there are places with such stunning sceneries, magical colors, tasty food & wine, & probably ALL outdoor activities you can imagine...
I really did not know there's a living heaven existing in this world until this trip to Chile... and i'm glad I was able to pay a visit to this place...
and hopefully I can live in there one day...

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Album: peru 2007
as you spend time viewing my pics in these folders, you will notice the huge variances throughout each town in peru...
and i'm glad i was able to spend in-depth time exploring this country... jungle experience in the Amazon, the tranquility of Cuzco, the amazing Inca ruins, the breathtaking view of the sacred valley, the uniqueness of the floating island in Lake Titicaca...
last but not least... experiencing an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 was definitely something i will NEVER forget for the rest of my life!

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Album: 四月~台南墾丁

春浪舞台MC HotDog(人地)瘋狂轟趴~~~五月天夜夜笙歌~~
勁靡爛嘅五天團: C&V travel, 你地係得嘅!


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咩啊... 晒馬囉!
x'mas illumination @ roppongi hills
Album: snowboarding @ niseko, hokkaido

祝大家: 年年一齊有靚雪滑!
C&V –

阿‘Han’ – 你件校服真係無得頂!好一個曳學生look,唯有用雪球圍攻你囖!

Ivie – 我點只淨係响呢度多謝你吖,唔係跨,無你我應該參加不成呢團喇...

Zeke – 個最勇敢獎一定係你攞!勁!

Szeto – 我會好好的記住在面青唇啡時不會出街,生病時留在家裏。


Wendy – 得喎,一於下次一齊攻頂!

Sun - 成你貴言,下次一定有人陪我滑雪...(不論係男係女、係親戚定係陌生人!)-〉呢句我加嘅...

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Album: 聖誕 · 紅葉 · 溫泉 · 勁食勁HEA 大阪京都之旅




又失魂 又勁HEA 又爆笑 又遲到 又勁食





真係傻人有傻福!  !

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Album: tokyo in romantic christmas mood





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Album: 西藏十三天遊 tibet, china

西藏 我相信這是絕大部份熱愛攝影者認定為朝聖之地





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the first starbucks logo
interesting sand formations done by little crabs
Album: seattle in may 2006

as a starbucks BIG TIME fan, i was thrilled to make it to its first store located in downtown seattle even though i only had limited amount of time during my biz trip there

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Album: tokyo revisit, jan 2006

it has been 2 yrs since the last time i went to tokyo, it rained for the first few days i was there, then it got A LOT colder towards the end of the week...
this was the 1st time i took a snowboarding trip in karuizawa where it's only 1 1/2hrs away from tokyo, a very convenient & cool place for a daytrip

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Album: krabi & bangkok, thailand in october 2005

krabi is definitely a HEAVEN for people who look for quiet, comfortable, yet action-seeking breaks; i was psyched to be able to participate in various activities:  rock-climbing, windsurfing, playing tennis & ping-pong, snorkelling, my first & ever muay thai class w/a TWO TIME World-Class Muay Thai Champion, & last but not least, shop-till-i-drop in bangkok!!

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Album: provence & cote d'azur in july 2005
one of the MOST enjoyable trips i've ever made - delicious food, good wine, fine weather, wonderful lavender scents, relaxing environment, nice people, cool places to stay, & last but not least, my WICKED AWESOME travel buddy & co-pilot who has made this trip possible!

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sunset around oxo tower

sonora, tuolumne county
0124 whistler 002c
Album: london
this visit was made between the two bombings in july 2005, due to the bombscare at that time, i've spent most of my sparetime walking around the city instead of taking any public transportations

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Album: s'pore & bintan in may 2005

our 2nd sisters' trip - can't wait to go on the 3rd one w/ya!!

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Album: san francisco
february 2005

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Album: whistler, vancouver in jan 2005

a REMARKABLE trip - not only becoz i've FINALLY made it to this #1 ski resort in North America, but also it was a special place where my sis & bro-in-law got married up in the snow mountain!!! YOU GUYS RULE!

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041228 hanoi037

yengisar (英吉沙) -> hotan (和田)
Album: cambodia & vietnam
december 2004

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Album: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 新疆維吾爾自治區
june 20th - july 3th, 2004

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Album: bali indonesia in april 2004

i've decided to take a trip by myself as i haven't done that for LONG TIME... so i've picked this relaxing environment and stayed at clubmed bali where i was able to participate in ALL different types of sports possible! It was SOOOO cool to be able to release all my energy/stress during this trip, and i've actually succeeded in trying a knee-hang catch!

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Album: tokyo japan in january 2004

well, i was on a biz trip and that's why these pics weren't as interesting... they were either really early in the morning or late at night when i had a chance to shoot...

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