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Sweden... a country where i've always wanted to travel to... & i'm glad i FINALLY found a good reason to visit to this wonderful place at different times of the year... to see the various colors of this part of the world... 

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a HUGE midsummer pole @ gällnö
vadstena slott

a little excursion to nusnäs - the birthtown of dala horses

locally named as 'Raps', these flowers are grown to produce canola oil
Album: stockholm & around
my 1st time visiting this capital after visiting the country for 9 times...
well, what can i say... sweden is big afterall...  ; )
this time i've combined it with a taste of the joyful midsummer festival
it was a full day outdoor celebration with lots of food, drinks, flowers, songs, dancing around midsummer pole, games, & chit-chatting...
& i'm soooo lucky that this summer has turned out to be one of the best ones for the past few years...
gosh, i only wish i could have stayed for much, much, much longer...

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Album: Götaland (Southern Sweden)
the southern region of sweden

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Album: Svealand (Mid-Sweden)
Our 2nd roadtrip: Malmö to Falun & camping at Lugnet. This was the first & ever caravan camping experience in my life!! I loved it & I can't wait for the next one ; )

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Album: Skåne in spring

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Album: Skåne in summer

My 3rd time visiting skåne during summer...  yet my FIRST time being able to truly say 'i LOVE swedish summer!!!'
when it's nice summer weather like this year... i can totally move to this country any time any day...

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Album: Skåne in autumn

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Album: Skåne in winter
as you can see in this album, the winter in 2010 has far more snow in this region than the past two winters... i was told that this winter has been one of the worst for more than 20years... scary how our globe has been changing so drastically...

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