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Monday 12th February 2007 01:07:08 PM
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Many people have asked... if we had done the needed renovation for our home yet due to the flood.

No - we haven't.
Why? Ask Leo. haha. (We took the time to negotiate the compensation and waited for the written confirmation from the insurance company before any spending a dollar. Then we ran into the busy months of Dec and Jan. We are back to discussion again and will be acting... soon, hopefully.)

Friday 09th February 2007 05:58:21 PM
It's a Logistic Company[ 0 messages] 
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Jan 12, 2007 - this is my first day sitting on my 6th location within the same company for the past 6-7 years. We always say we work for a logistic company rather than telco. ;) This time, I get a window seat again (Citplaza 5/F), got a bit sea view but nothing compared to my previous manificent ocean view. Sunshine in the morning is real bright, we joked saying we may we should bring in beach hats and wear sunglasses to work. I told my colleagues that I am well protected by my Clinque City Sunblock with SPF 45!! haha.

Thursday 06th July 2006 12:20:16 AM
New Home @ Work[ 2 messages] 
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This is my 3rd day sitting in the new location at work (Citiplaza 4/F with the IS team) - kinda nice, and I just found out I am more adaptive than I thought.

So, it's not that bad after all.

Thursday 01st June 2006 10:19:14 PM
New Role[ 0 messages] 
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Officially - I transferred to a new postion today within the same company.

New Boss - thanks for giving me the opportunity for an interview, it was really what I needed, to sell to you what I am. And thanks for believing in me. I am honored to be selected. 

Old Boss - thank you SO much for everything you have done for me in the past five years. Your friendship would be hard to match elsewhere.

Last but not leave - big thanks to my heavenly father. I am where I am today, how I got to here and all the expereiences and skills that had been developed in all these years... some might think I am too GOOD at planning path for myself, but I know deep down that, it was not ME that planned it out. It was YOU. thank you

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