Day 6 Lofoten

As promised, we were taken on a fishing trip today, and what a luck, we managed to fish 2 big cod fish by our own!! This was our first fishing trip, and the catch is marvelous in our standard already. Of course, we have to thank our friend's guidance, as well as their GPS system.
Even though the Norwegian way of cooking has no match to our cantonese way of steam fish, we still found the boiled fillet delicious.
Dr. SoNorway 挪威之旅 May 2007
Just when we are leaving the pier
The "Salteriet". You can see seagulls building their nest on the window sills.
On board of a motor boat, going for a fishing trip.
It's a bumping ride.
just see where we are heading to.
The one that are in front is Fred.
It's Dr. So's first time fishing. Fred taught him how to do it.
Fred got our first cod fish.
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